Watson Smith is a wholesale flooring showroom that has served professionals in the design industry for over 85 years. Our showroom features an extensive selection of stocked and custom products including carpets, rugs, hand finished hardwood flooring and additional hard surface materials.  We understand that every project and client is unique. Watson Smith tailors to your needs and provides a full-service experience from product selection to fabrication and installation. Personalized Service is the foundation of our business. We want you and your client to feel that the entire experience was effortless and professional from start to finish. We value the relationships that we have with our clients. Our goal is to build a relationship with you.

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Full Disclaimer

1) Prices are based on your submitted floor plan; Watson Smith is not responsible for shortage or overage of material if different from the physical site measure.
2) Watson Smith prefers to take a site measure to ensure correct yardage & cost.
3) If any floor preparation or leveling is necessary; there will be an additional charge based on time & material.
4) Any necessary floor prep or furniture moving will be billed to a final invoice.
5) Watson Smith must be advised prior to installation of any and all heated floor systems i.e. radiant panel, Heatech, etc.
6) It is some manufacturers opinion that harder bristle brushes on vacuum’s such as Dyson, may cause excess fuzzing and are not recommended.
7) It is the responsibility of the home owner to shave down doors if required, due to increase in carpet or hard surface flooring height.
8) F.O.B. Freight outside of Illinois will be an additional charge.
9) Upon request Watson Smith will ship materials to a designer’s work room or to another receiver. It is the responsibility of the receiver to inspect the materials inside and out before accepting the delivery. If damage occurred during transport, the package must be rejected with the carrier at the time of inspection. Watson Smith is not responsible for damages after delivery is accepted.
10) For your convenience we accept most major credit cards at an additional 3.5% fee.
11) Once a deposit or payment has been made, specified orders are not subject to cancellation.
12) Prices quoted are valid for 15 days.
13) Warranty and Maintenance information available upon request, as this varies by product and project.
14) Wood flooring is a natural product with a wide range of natural graining, knots, and color variation which should be expected in every order. Production will never be an exact match to the showroom sample due to oxidation and patina.
15) Watson Smith is not responsible for site conditions.
16) Watson Smith recommends maintaining relative humidity levels above 35% or according to NWFA guidelines. Failure to do so may cause board splits, cupping or board separation.